Broken Diary

The Broken Diary - Reissue

Ian Miller is best known for his surreal and grotesque illustrations for people like Tolkien, Lovecraft, Peake and others. He collaborated on the graphic novels ‘The Luck In The Head’ with M John Harrison, and ‘The City’ with James Herbert. His work has been collected, most notably in the book ‘Green Dog Trumpet’.

With ‘The Broken Diary’, Miller takes us on a labyrinthine journey through ‘almost familiar’ places, meeting with disturbing often hilarious characters – all intercut with entries from the author’s diary, in such a way that the everyday melts into the phantastic.

Myriad Miniatures

Osmosis: the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas Meld: a thing formed by melding; a combination

Osmoticmeld is an experiment! It is a collaborative partnership between the renowned artist Ian Miller and myself, and was born of a serendipitous meeting over social media many moons ago.

The project is to produce a range of 28mm “scale” miniatures and models based, and inspired by, Ian’s work, I hope you can join us on this adventure.

Home – Ian Miller is an artist, illustrator and writer based in the U.K. He lives and works in Brighton, England.

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