Osmosis: the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas.

Meld: a thing formed by melding; a combination.

Osmoticmeld is an experiment! It is a collaborative partnership between the renowned artist Ian Miller and myself, and was born of a serendipitous meeting over social media many moons ago.

The project spans a length of time that has seen me transition from a novice sculptor to a “professional” one, but I make no claims as to my competency in that department, I merely attempt to make a living from it these days!

Most of you will be familiar with Ian’s work, those gorgeous pen and inks that were so formative at Games Workshop. Ian said he wanted to be a train station, but only managed a short career as a signal box on a branch line near Wigan, and that he started to draw and paint in desperation, and never stopped. These last few years have been a pleasure and a privilege so thankfully he didn’t!

I must also extend special thanks to both Sebastian Czarnecki and David Pauwels, they have been incredibly generous with their time in giving advice, support and guidance: Seb’s also designed our website and David’s done some fabulous work with his hair sticks!

Finally, many thanks to the members of the Oldhammer Sculpting Group on Facebook for their support and encouragement over the past few years, cheers folks!

We hope you can join us on the creative adventure, and maybe this will be the first of many.

The Models

In keeping with the “Oldhammer” feel we have not employed plastic bases, and the models for the most part will be cast from white metal alloy. Some parts, however, may end up in resin due to their sheer size, such as the wheels and draught beasts from the Chariot of Fire or the spherical body of the Spindle Dragon, but we can only make that final decision once we start production as it will depend on the numbers needed.

Check out the Kickstarter page here

Head to the Portfolio page to view a selection of recent work.

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