Sept 21st 1980

Sept 21st 1980

Sept 21st 1980 6:02am:

Why not start here?

Then pause.


Wednesday – Sept 23rd 1998 5:38pm:

Bridges, Pillars, dams and death.


Friday 25th Sept 1998. 9:08am:

Words, dogs, cats, broken windows, lesbians, car doors shutting.

My second cup of tea. Henry stumbling by in the street below.

Car moving away. Gears grating.

I’m dithering here, wanting to write down something meaningful, but stuck for direction.

The sun is shining, the heat tempered by a gentle breeze.

The sort of day I remarked upon in mid Feb, as ideal.


Tuesday 29th Sept 1998:

Hearing aid battery Kaput. Found couple of new batteries in pen drawer.

Last two rough alterations for Treasure Island, then the inking begins.


Monday 5th October 1998:

Today 11 O’clock, Sam goes to the vet. A very sad day for us all. His physical condition is such, that putting him to sleep is the only sensible option left. His back legs are all but gone, and his innards are in ruins.

Sam is dead. Expunged with a lethal injectoin. I signed the consent form. I signed him out and watched the life drain out of him, there in front of me, on the rubber topped table.

The hole has been dug, Sam’s body is curled up in a cardboard box.

And now we are waiting . When Dan come in from school we’ll bury him.

Under the herring bone bricks in the back garden.

I’m trying very hard not to cry, but I know I will.


*Excerpt from The Broken Diary – Sept 21st 1980.

First published in the world by ONEIROS 2014.

Copyright Ian Miller 2014.

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