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  • London Bound

    London Bound

    Dec 17th 11:30 London bound. I’m delivering a piece of artwork to Little, Brown then picking up some originals from Sotheby’s, unsold lots. I don’t think I’ll do this number again, but then, I probably won’t be asked. Profit rules.

  • My Birthday

    My Birthday

    11th Nov. 11:29 My Birthday. Depressed, so much so, that not even lemon cake can lift the veil. Terrible nightmare last night. I watched my mother die on the opposite bank of a wide river. Woke with a start, my heart racing.

  • Broken-Diary-Cover-02

    Thursday Oct 8th 1998

    Thursday Oct 8th 1998: Coffee. Grey skies. Feeling wonderful. Stomach bubbling. I’m not depressed.

  • Sept 21st 1980

    Sept 21st 1980

    Sept 21st 1980 6:02am: Why not start here? Then pause.